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The saying that the most silent people are the most venomous seems never to be true until it finally happens in the eyes of all. Alandu wachiebine popularly known as WC Hadgi in the music scene is one of the most reserved yet most talented dancehall musicians from the upper west region of Ghana. His calm and reserved nature is what many people know him by. It was therefore surprising for many people when he took to his official Facebook page to pour out his grief concerning the Music Industry. This was indeed so unusual of him.

On 11th May 2020, the Accra based dancehall general poured out his heart and stated that his fellow dancehall artists from the region are so full of hate and disrespect for each other and this disadvantages the genre as a whole. He explains that this is one of the major contributory factors to the poor growth of the genre in the region. He stressed, “Dancehall artist in Upper West full of hate, ungratefulness and selfish. where’s the love society?”

In an interview with OneMuzikGh, WC Hadgi recounted past issues that nearly crippled his career as a musician and posits that many others are still facing those sorts of issues. He went on to count many shows that were left to flop by his colleagues which he deemed unfortunate because those shows were meant to show how strong their genre is but it ends up flopping. He used Eddy Lee’s Reggae Dancehall Concert In 2019 as an example. He attributed the flop of the show and several others to the billed and supporting artist and not their fans.

Moving further, WC Hadgi also explained that upper west rappers do a lot of work and he respects them for that. He used the recent beef between Stunner and Rekordz which ended up with master class collaboration as an example. He insisted that his colleague dancehall arts could do same instead of letting all their lyrical beefs end up with brutal fights.

Also in the side of free riddims which many artists jump on to show their prowess is culture in dancehall but unfortunately it is left to the rappers because of the hatred and disrespect in the dancehall fraternity.  A reference was also made to the recent Oga Kpatakpata Riddim by Qobrahbeatz. He remained strongly of the view that they do not normally get such riddims in the region because his genre mates have made their genre look very inferior in the eyes of the engineers.

WC Hadgi concluded by showing his sadness for all these happenings in the region and advised all his colleagues to have love for one another so that they can be able to push their genre to the level it deserves to be.

WC Hadgi is one of the most talented and well branded dancehall musicians from the region. He is normally based in Accra and works so hard to put the name of the region in the map with his genre.


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