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Consolation in Cash: Black Stars To Receive $700,000 Prize for Finishing Third In Group B in AFCON 2023

In the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations, the Black Stars find solace in a financial consolation, as they are set to receive $700,000 for their third-place finish in Group B. Despite not making significant strides in the tournament, this monetary reward is part of the Confederation of African Football’s (CAF) $34.6 million prize pool.

According to CAF, six teams concluding their campaign in the third position will each be awarded $700,000. Additionally, six teams securing the fourth position in their respective groups will receive $500,000 each. The prize structure extends further, with the eight teams reaching the last 16 accumulating $800,000 each.

Moving up the ladder, the losing quarterfinalist teams will take home $1,300,000, while the two teams falling short in the semifinals will receive a substantial $2.5 million each. However, the ultimate showdown holds the highest stakes, as the losing finalist is set to be awarded an impressive $4 million.

The grandeur of the prize distribution peaks with the tournament’s overall winner, who will claim a dazzling $7 million alongside the prestigious AFCON trophy. Despite the Black Stars’ unfortunate exit from the competition without securing a single victory in Group B, the financial consolation serves as a silver lining in the wake of their challenging campaign.

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