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Cheddar Reveals How He Made My First One Million Pounds Sterling At 21 From Selling Scrap

Cheddar, also known as Nana Kwame Bediako, recently shared the remarkable story of his financial ascent, revealing how he earned his first million pounds at the age of 21. The Ghanaian entrepreneur attributed his success to ventures in telecommunications and the unconventional yet lucrative business of selling scrap in the UK.

Cheddar’s journey took an interesting turn when he invested $20,000 from his scrap sales into establishing a nightclub in Ghana. This venture, initiated by the young entrepreneur, eventually yielded $75,000 after its sale in 2002.

In a candid interview on Citi TV, Cheddar delved into his early experiences, emphasizing his commitment to providing opportunities for the youth in decision-making roles if elected in the 2024 polls. He highlighted the lack of such opportunities over the past four decades and shared insights into the hunger for success that fueled his journey.

Cheddar’s story serves as an inspiration, showcasing how a determined entrepreneur can turn unconventional beginnings into substantial success, and his dedication to empowering the next generation adds another layer to his impactful narrative.

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