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Challenging Beliefs: Prophet Ajaguraja Claims Only the Poor Believe in Heaven

In a thought-provoking revelation, Prophet Kwabena Boakye Asiamah, popularly known as Ajagurajah, has shaken the foundations of traditional beliefs by asserting that there is no heaven. According to the spiritual leader of the Universal Spiritual Outreach and the Ajagurajah Movement in Ghana, the notion of heaven is a construct believed only by the poor.

During an appearance on UTV’s showbiz night, Ajagurajah expounded on his perspective, stating that heaven, as commonly understood, does not exist. Instead, he posited the existence of a place called Paradise for the people of God. Ajagurajah emphasized that heaven is a sacred abode accessible only to angels and not to human beings.

Citing the scripture in Ecclesiastes 9:10, which advises individuals to wholeheartedly pursue their endeavors with intelligence and wisdom, Ajagurajah challenged the conventional belief in heaven’s existence. He further questioned the notion of where biblical figures like Abraham went after death, suggesting that the concept of heaven did not exist in their time.

The prophet also highlighted that God has not promised to return and take people to heaven, but rather has prepared a place called Paradise where eternal life awaits his chosen ones. Ajagurajah drew attention to the inventions and advancements made by societies, particularly the Western world, which he believes demonstrate a lack of faith in God’s imminent return.

In his controversial assertion, Ajagurajah claimed that only the poor continue to hold on to the belief in heaven. He argued that the economically disadvantaged are more likely to seek solace and hope in an afterlife, while those who have material comforts and technological progress at their disposal tend to focus on earthly achievements.

“There is no one going to heaven, the word in Ecclesiastes 9:10 says, whatever you deem fit to do, do with all your might with intelligence and wisdom.

“In the era of David and Abraham, God wasn’t there, there is no concept of heaven. where did Abraham go when he died? he quizzed.

“He is not coming back to take us to heaven, he is prepared a place for his people called Paradise, where there is eternal life. even the white man that propagated Christianity does not believe God is coming, they are building and inventing new things daily, and only the poor believe there is heaven”.


Prophet Kwabena Boakye Asiamah’s statement challenges deeply ingrained beliefs and opens up discussions about the nature of the afterlife. While his claims may be met with skepticism and opposition, they encourage individuals to critically examine their beliefs and consider alternative perspectives on spiritual matters.

As this discourse unfolds, it is important to approach it with an open mind and engage in respectful dialogue, recognizing that different individuals and cultures may hold diverse understandings of the concept of heaven and the afterlife. Ultimately, it is up to each person to explore and define their own spiritual beliefs based on their personal experiences, values, and interpretations of sacred texts.

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