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Beefing among Upper West Musicians seems to be rising in recent times and the reason for the certain turn of events is yet to be discovered. Until recent times, it was only a once in a while experience where musicians throw punches at each other publicly. However, it is now a normal thing as musicians throw jabs at each other every day. Starting from the Rekordz-Nashberry beef straight up to the overheated Stunner-Rekordzbeef and down to the ongoing Anogo-Gamebwoy beef. Everyone thought the beef issues had died up until the break of 9th May, 2020 blew in another one as TNB PUNCHEZ throws jabs at Brightbwoy.

TNB PUNCHEZ of 6ix Doors Music in an interview with kanyiri Isaac of GBC-RUW on the program Entertainment Hub went very hard and threw dirty jabs at the Munkpole hitmaker after he was asked about early jabs he threw at him in his version of the all popular Oga Kpatakpata challenge by Qobrahbeatz. TNB PUNCHEZ in his verses threw shots at Brightbwoy which attracted the attention of many. When he was asked about those jabs he decided not to retract his words but to go harder on him.

The newly signed 6ix Doors Music star disclosed that he found out that Brightbwoy wasn’t a good musician as he usually claims when he went for a rap battle with him at Radio Waa’s hottest mic challenge hosted at the tail end of 2019. He therefore wanted to pass that message on so that the Brightbwoy stops the bragging. He said “after the rap battle with him at Radio Waa, I realized that he isn’t good enough with all his noise. He is very weak lyrically and his raps doesn’t make any sense.” 

Brightbwoy is one of the successful upcoming artist in town as he released his all-time hit song titled Munkpolae in 2019. He recently broke terms with his manager, Mba Oli who happens to be a founding member and also a manager of 6ix Doors Music where TNB PUNCHEZ finds himself now. Many are therefore of the belief that the rivalry grew because of their common manager. In the interview, one of the panelist, Fashion King, the CEO of Fashion House realized that Mba Oli managed both of them and questioned whether he would be happy with the comments of his current artist on his ex-artist. TNB PUNCHEZ replied very fast by saying, “he’s right here in the studio and will therefore be the best person to answer that question.”

TNB PUNCHEZ has been in the music scene for the past few years and finally landed in a juicy 3 years contract with 6ix Doors Music with his colleague upcoming artist named Don 45. Both rappers were signed in the early months of 2020 into the new record label and everything seems to be working on right for them as their new management is working hard on pushing them to the top of their game. Their first releases in the new record label happened to be the Oga Kpatakpata challenge and both performed really marvelously. All are currently wondering how Brightbwoy will react to these jabs as he also seems to be controversial in the game.


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