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A Prolific Blogger goes by the name Lucas Nluki who is also a destructive writer and critic, on 19th September 2020 sends his candid advice to Dr. Louisa, the adorable wife of one of the dancehall titans, Stonebowy aka 1GAD.

Lucas Nluky advises Dr.Louisa to be careful with his husband, he should take handwork in the relationship Aisha Modi and her husband Stonebowy are building up.

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Aisha Modi is the PRO of Stonebowy, hence, the blogger has his instincts telling him that, the relationship between the PRO and Stonebowy is a way beyond just a Musician and his PRO relationship.

“Shouldn’t Stonebwoy’s wife be worried? I mean a woman naming herself “she loves Stonebwoy “ doesn’t send some thinking around? We all know Stonebwoy smokes weed so if he gets high one day and very horny and the wife is somewhere who do you think he will call and who do you do think will do as he says? She is not that bad after all


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