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The team ones again had a conversation with one of the finest in the Upper West Region, Berima Ojay on the best songs released by himself. According to him, it’s a tall list but he managed to prioritize it to 20 and we’re bringing it to you exclusively here on OneMuzikGh.Com – Your Premiere Entertainment Site. Have a feel of it below

  1. Berima Ojay – Kariyansu :
  2. Berima Ojay – Nnugna Gaayeng :
  3. Berima Ojay Ft. Best gally – Samata :
  4. Berima ojay Ft. Maccasio – Wonders :
  5. Berima Ojay – Maraba :
  6. Berima Ojay Ft. ReezyBwoy – my Woman :
  7. Berima Ojay – Undisputed :
  8. Berima Ojay Ft. Wiz Maleek – Time No Dey :
  9. Berima Ojay Ft. Best gally – On Dem :
  10. Berima Ojay – YenSan KanKyewu :
  11. Berima Ojay – Ghana :
  12. Berima Ojay – Mwen Mwen :
  13. Berima Ojay – Dumsor :
  14. Berima Ojay Ft. 2PM – Danga La :
  15. Berima Ojay – bombing Girl :
  16. Berima Ojay – GoNo :
  17. Berima Ojay – Bad Energy :
  18. Berima Ojay – Drug Abuse :
  19. Berima Ojay Ft Kawute – Thank You :
  20. Berima Ojay – Sika Mpe DeDe :


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