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There’s been a lot of talk lately in our music industry about “beef” and I didn’t want to say anything concerning this because it generates a lot of arguments which am not ready for, but I saw it as a contributor to this growing industry to help open up this issue about beef in music.

Look am new to this whole music thing but I’ve read a lot about music and entertainment in general and i feel I should let it out. Let’s go back to the 80s and 90s in America when hip hop was just emerging as a new music genre, when LL Cool J, Will Smith and Rakeem were emerging as young stars trying to push this new kinda music to the American public and the world at large. They were doing really well and sold a few albums but you know what really made hip hop music go global?? Biggie and Pac. The east coast and west coast rivalry really paved the way for hip hop to go international, tho it had its setbacks as in people loosing their lives and all but it was the lyrical competition between these two record labels that made hip hop.
Let’s stay in America and talk about The beef between Michael Jackson and Prince, Michael Jackson and Elvis, Nas and Jay Z and the list goes on and on. Lemme remind you that in all of these “beefs” there was always one thing constant, competition which in music means more music for the fans and more music means hits and that translates into stardom.

Let’s now shift our attention to the Ghana music scene, during the new millennium thus early 2000s when Hip Life had just taken off as the new trend in Ghana music, there was another Biggie and Pac kinda like beef between Lord Kenya and Obrafour, which propelled both artists to greater heights of producing countless hits. In our more recent time, there was another more publicized beef between Samini and Shatta Wale, and I think most people will agree with me that’s what made Shatta Wale who he is today.

Another glaring example is our very own northern brothers Maccasio and Fancy Gadam, they had an issue which made them diss each other countless times back to back to back and back. And you know what came out of it?? They both got the attention they needed to help them blow nationwide, and I have had the privilege of hanging out with one of them in which he empathized on the need for Wiz Maleek and Gally to never settle their differences musically as it will help both of them and the industry at large.
And am not ready to point fingers and say this person started beef or anything in this industry but am encouraging every industry player in this our growing business to please come on board for us to educate our listeners and our people to understand that music comes with beefing and it should be seen as Normal. Some may argue that people go to the extent of insulting others mothers private parts and I get that our moral teachings are vigorously against that and our goal should be to plead with our artists to mind their words.

To everyone supporting Upper West Music, know this, Beef is an important part of music because it makes artist work hard and release good songs and I think at this stage, our artist need that more than just sitting around and waiting for an outsider to come and help us. Long live Upper West Music, thank you.
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