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The viral leaked audio purported to be Fancy Gadam begging for love from a lady has really caused and still causing bunches of brouhaha.

According to the management of Fancy Gadam, the person in the audio is not Fancy Gadam, it’s pure editing by his haters just to sabotage his image.

Fancy churns out a new brand track dubbed Formula, which is more or less directed to his long-existing rival Maccasio and also to prove that he is not the one in the leaked audio.

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Maccasio came claiming on his Facebook page that, he realized that Fancy Gadam’s name was fading out of the music scene so he decided to drop a track titled Warning in order to bring him back to the music fraternity.

“Wumbee was like,big bro it seems the zongo barrawo is fading away ooo pls do sometin for him . And I said wait let me give him some hype he go come back hahah ….
Rap Yesu,I be saving these dudes careers 🤣🤣🤣”

Fancy Gadam fired back at Maccasio few minutes after his claims “

“Dem can’t blow without controversy, bomboclat”.
~ Fancy Gadam


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