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Back2 To Sign Rekordz, Nashbery and Their Managers

A controversial rapper, hardcore rapper, originator of Waali-Pop and the CEO of Waali-Pop Music Back2 Gh, said he has taken time to listen to Rekordz and Nashbery rap songs and he being the rap prefect can say what the two rappers are doing on instrumentals isn’t rap and hence doesn’t know where to categorize them.

Back2, rapper and entrepreneur

The rapper in his kind gesture, offers to give the two rappers tutorials on the rap game and he also indicated that he will educate the management team of the two rappers how to go about their duties effectively as managers of the said Musicians.

He said the project will be call Rap Hub and will be launching soon as part of the plans of Waali-Pop Music.

Rekordz – Musician

This he wrote, “Over the weekend I took my time to listen to Nashberry and @Recordz

They make it looks as if they’re doing rap … but from where I sit , what they do isn’t Rap and I don’t really know where to categorize them

I know for sure that rappers are poets, story tellers, creative etc but It’s hard to find such features in their lines

Don’t get me wrong—rapping is fun sometimes, but most of the time it just gets boring after a while because all of your friends already know what you say in your songs and they’ve heard them so many times before! It’s like listening to the same song over and over again until it gets old—that’s what listening to these rappers sounds like!

The best rap verses are the ones that make you think, “Oh my god, how did he come up with this?”

They’re the ones that just make you nod your head and wonder, “What is he talking about?”

So I’m going to share with you some of WAALI-POP plan

THE WAALI-POP MUSIC is going to sign people like @nashberry and @Recordz and train them on

1. How to flow on a beat without going offbeat

2. Teach them how to write rap with punches or better still write their rap for them

3. Train them on how to write competitive and compelling rap

4. Educate all their line managers on how to execute duties effectively

We shall call this project the RAP HUB

Watch out for the rap hub

Shalom!!!!! No o”

Nashbery – Musician

Music lovers expressed their joy towards the project and they look forward to seeing this come through.

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