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Let’s be honest: no relationship is perfect. But with some hard work and cooperation, there’s no reason why it can’t succeed. But there are certain things that you do that really make this difficult. Rather than ramble on and make you suffer, let’s cut to the chase. Here are 7 things guys wish their girlfriends would stop doing.

1. When you take forever to get ready

We get it. It takes women longer to groom themselves than we guys. You’ve got to carefully choose the perfect outfit, do your hair, powder your nose, shave your legs, and put on your makeup. Meanwhile, a guy just has to remember how to put on a pair of pants. Although he does find you damn sexy, he doesn’t get why it takes you girls so long. In particular, he can’t stand it when you say you’ll be ready at 8 and then 8:30 comes around and you’re still not quite there yet. There are really only two solutions: either you have to do a better job of managing your time or I need to accept that you’ll never be as punctual as he’d like. A tough call. It’s like one of those “irresistible force meets the immovable object” sort of deals.

2. When you can never take a compliment

True story: in my late teens, I told a girl she was really cute. Her response? “Why does everybody say I’m cute, but nobody says I’m beautiful?” I just rolled my eyes. This complete lack of confidence is a real turn-off for men. Even worse, it leads us to believe our compliments are completely meaningless. Let’s be honest: there will always be somebody out there who is hotter, richer, skinnier, and more outgoing than you are. But it doesn’t change the fact that if a guy is with you, it’s because you are exactly what he is looking for.

3. When you text us while we’re out with the guys

He loves spending time with you. Heck, he might even be living with you. But that doesn’t mean you need to be together 24/7. There are times when guys need our space and he wants to unwind with some old friends or coworkers. And, hey, the same should go for you. A couple of hours apart in the evening or on a Saturday afternoon doesn’t mean your relationship is unraveling. He’s enjoying some beers with his friends, but you have absolutely not disappeared from his life. So please don’t text him the entire night, and resist the urge to call. It will make his friends think you’re clingy and insecure, which makes both of you look bad. So just relax, binge on your favorite streaming shows, and rest assured he’ll be home and he’ll be happy to be with you again!

 4. When you say “I’m fine” when it’s so obvious you aren’t

When our boyfriend sees that somebody is bothering you and you respond with a cold, “I’m fine,” it’s the statement he dreads the most because it means he screwed something up and you are really pissed about it. It’s one of those weird passive-aggressive maneuvers in which you’re trying to avoid conflict but are actually just making the situation worse. Just level with him. If he did something to upset you, it’s best to come out with it so you can find a healthy, mature way to resolve it.

5. When you go on and on about your favorite celebrity gossip

We guys idolize sports figures, but most of us don’t feel the need to go on and on with you about what an amazing game they had the night before. Why? Because we know you give precisely zero Fs. But it works the other way around. When you give us the latest scoop on Prince Harry/Meghan Markle royal drama or whatever it is the guys at TMZ are sitting around a table gossiping about, it really just annoys us. This is what having lady friends is for, all right?

6. When you share all the details about our relationship with your lady friends

Now we’re talking about those lady friends again. This time, the beef is with the fact that you share with them all of the stuff about you that you really shouldn’t. About his performance in bed. How his parents are nuts. That the gift he bought you last Christmas was really tacky. The guys are sensitive creatures too. And when they are feeling vulnerable, they want to be able to trust that you’re not turning around and sharing this with your friends. Some things are meant to be private.

7. When you ask him if he would ever cheat on you

When you ask your boyfriend weird, hypothetical questions like, “If you could cheat on me and I’d never find out, would you?” It is really upsetting. Healthy relationships depend on trust, love, and confidence. Any amount of time wasted on the fear that your significant other would cheat on you is just that: wasted time. If you have reasons to doubt him, it’s probably a sign that you should just go ahead and dump him, don’t you think?

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