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Amadia Shopping Mall And Amadia Wholesale Take to the Streets “AMADIA Masquerade Fun Train”: A Vibrant Brand Activation Float in Accra – Spintex

In a lively spectacle that adorned the principal streets of Accra, Amadia Shopping Mall, and Amadia Wholesale, under the leadership of the Founder and CEO of the Amadia Group of Companies, Mrs.Nana Ama Duodoo initiated a captivating brand activation float dubbed “AMADIA Masquerade Fun Train” on December 28, 2023.

This visionary initiative, a first of its kind, aims to create widespread brand awareness and actively engage with customers to elevate their shopping experience. The festive float, heralding a series of larger and more exhilarating events, was not just a celebration but a testament to the innovative spirit of Amadia. Plans for expansion were also revealed, with new branches set to open in Takoradi and Kumasi, further establishing the brand’s footprint.

Nestled in the heart of the Tema Metropolitan District in the Greater Accra Region, Amadia Shopping Center and Wholesale have emerged as premier destinations for locals seeking a comprehensive one-stop shopping experience. From a diverse array of groceries to essential household detergents, these establishments have become synonymous with quality and convenience.

Going beyond product offerings, Amadia Shopping Center and Wholesale address the holistic needs of households, ensuring customers find everything they need under one roof. This commitment to providing a complete shopping solution distinguishes Amadia as a reliable and customer-centric establishment.
What sets the shopping experience at Amadia apart is not just the product diversity but also the excellent atmosphere it fosters. The focus on creating a welcoming environment ensures that customers feel at ease while navigating the aisles and making their purchases.

Amadia Shopping Center and Wholesale tackle parking and safety concerns with diligence. The establishments boast ample parking facilities and a robust security system, allowing customers to shop with peace of mind and focus solely on enjoying their shopping experience.

Situated at 16th Street, Accra, Amadia Shopping Center, and Wholesale have transcended being merely stores; they’ve evolved into community hubs. Serving as gathering places for locals and providing essential services, these establishments have become integral parts of the Tema area.

For inquiries or assistance, contact Amadia Shopping Center on 050 101 4028 and Wholesale on WhatsApp on 050 101 4028. Stay connected and informed about promotions and offerings by following @amadiaghana and @amadiawholesale on social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. The Amadia Shopping Extravaganza goes beyond shopping; it’s a celebration of community and convenience.

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