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Adina Explains How She Got The Natural Calling For Fashion Designs

Ghanaian songstress Adina Thembi Ndamse, popularly known as Adina, recently opened up about the roots of her passion for fashion design. In an exclusive interview with Property FM’s Amansan Krakye, Adina shared the intimate connection between her childhood experiences and her current endeavors in the world of fashion.

Adina’s journey into the realm of fashion began within the walls of her mother’s sewing haven. Reflecting on her upbringing, she disclosed, “When I was growing up, my mother was into fashion designing, and sewing is what she used to take care of our entire family.” The singer explained that during festive seasons like Christmas, while others reveled at home, she found herself captivated by the artistic process in her mother’s shop.

“I used to sketch the designs, and so I knew that when I grow up, I’d do something relating to fashion and music, which I’ve chosen,” Adina recounted. This early exposure to the world of stitches and fabrics became the foundation for her dual passion for both fashion and music.

In her conversation with Amansan Krakye, Adina expressed that fashion designing is more than just a profession for her; it’s an inherent part of her identity. “It was a natural calling that came because of what my mum does, and it comes easy to me, so I don’t feel like it’s the work I’m doing,” she shared. For Adina, crafting fashion pieces is like second nature, seamlessly integrated into her being.

The singer’s joy in creating garments for others was palpable as she explained, “It really makes me happy when I’m able to create something for someone to wear, so fashion is like my second skin.” Adina’s ability to seamlessly blend her musical artistry with her flair for fashion design underscores the harmonious relationship between her creative expressions.

As Adina continues to make waves in the music industry, her journey into fashion design serves as a testament to the profound impact early influences can have on shaping one’s passions. From sketching designs in her mother’s shop during holidays to becoming a multifaceted artist, Adina’s story is a melody of inspiration and creativity.

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