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A letter to our Artistes – OneMuzikGh

Matters of concern.

Onemuzikgh.com stands a chance in addressing the matters of concern in the upper west music industry even though it may be common in other places but our aim lies in this noble region of ours, Upper West Region.

the name Onemuzik means we are all one and doing music no matter our tribe,language etc saith a legend, “Different colors one people”

So there is nothing like unity and love until King Ralph ask why Best Gally is not on a Show,Best Ghally ask why Wiz Maleek is not on a show, Wiz- Maleek ask why O.J is not on a show, O.J ask why Gamebwoy is not on a show, Gamebowy ask why E-Twist or Typanza is not on a show,Typanza or El-Twist ask why Stunner is not on a show ,this would make the love chain continues until then,we are from Unity and love most people preach here,it is call Oneness
Our Dear Acts,tell your people to stop misinterpreting showbiz because Gadam-Maccasio has strong rivalry when it comes to showbiz but Gadam declines posters of shows maccasio is not on,asking event organizers to Put him on or else they loose him,but over here we feel happy when we are on a show colleague Artistes are not on,we know every artistse cannot be on same shows but educate your Rushing and self acclaim P.R.Os that its not a plus when you are on a show other other acts at not on.

Dear Artiste,Tell your management and fans to stop blocking your chances of putting the region on the map which is the only way you can love and respect your career which is Music, if not your talent you preach everyday through your songs are going to rot here.

Dear Artiste please select management that can bring the best out of you and link you to soar higher ,not managements,PROs and DJs that is making use of your fame on their own interest.

Dear Artiste ,tell your WhatsApp and Facebook PROs to stop fighting bloggers/Djs and people that can promote you and your entire career just on the perception that a blogger or a media man hates your brands.Ask them to prove with evidence.

Dear Artiste Take time and ask your team what they have added to your career ever since you came under their management,and if there is positive answer, tell them to do more but if it is a negative answer drop them because you need to move higher.

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Until you start putting seriousness into your job,you would remain here hungry ,impact less and always begging and if that happens, you would hate what you do.

We end our letter here by saying we all can make it a reality but until unity and love leads, we can’t reach there,See you at the top.

Let love lead, one Muzikgh.com news Team Writes


Asonya Gh is an entrepreneur, an entertainment and lifestyle blogger based in the Upper West Region of Ghana. He is also the CEO of OneMuzikGh.Com. I am committed to making a difference in any field of work through the use of IT. With a strong desire to contribute to the development of others, I selflessly shares my IT knowledge to benefit others. Through my professional and educational abilities. I strives to make a positive impact while continuously learning and upgrading their knowledge. Join me on this journey of growth and transformation towards a better tomorrow.

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