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A die hard fan surprised NorThug with a portrait drawing (Photos)

Mohammed Yelimaana Ali, a fan of NorThug surprised him with a portrait drawing of the talented Musician

Amos Art, a gifted artist, carefully crafted the portrait of NorThug. The creation of this beautiful piece was made possible through the generous sponsorship of Mohammed Yelimaana Ali, a devoted fan of NorThug. As a token of immense gratitude for being the ultimate entertainer, the portrait was presented to NorThug on the 27th of November 2023 at 4:30 pm. The presentation took place in NorThug’s residence in Wa, the regional capital of the Upper West Region.

Mohammed Yelimaana Ali; a die hard fan of NorThug

Unfortunately, Yelimaana was unable to attend the presentation, but a representative stood in his place. Upon receiving this extraordinary gift, NorThug expressed his deep gratitude towards Mohammed Yelimaana Ali and conveyed his promise to provide even greater entertainment in the future. In fact, NorThug delightedly revealed that he will soon be releasing a highly anticipated song titled “Fvck Oppside.

This gift represents the sincere admiration and appreciation shared by fans and supporters of NorThug’s exceptional talent. The portrait, a masterpiece created by Amos Art under the sponsorship of Mohammed Yelimaana Ali, serves as a lasting tribute to NorThug’s unparalleled contributions as an entertainer.

This momentous occasion of presenting the portrait to NorThug by a representative of Yelimaana beautifully captures the widespread adoration and the strong connection between NorThug, his fans, and the creative minds who inspire them.

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