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Yaw Tog Claims Role in Grammy’s Inclusion of Ghanaian Drill as a New Category

Ghanaian Drill rapper, Yaw Tog, believes that his influence played a role in the inclusion of the Ghanaian Drill genre in the Recording Academy’s Grammy Awards. The newly announced categories, unveiled in June 2023, now encompass a wide range of genres, including Ghanaian Drill, Afrobeat, Afro-fusion, and more. Yaw Tog expressed his excitement and acknowledged the contributions of other artists in solidifying the genre’s presence.

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During an interview, Yaw Tog confidently stated that his body of work may have influenced the addition of Ghanaian Drill to the Grammy Awards. He recognized the efforts of the Asakaa boys, Kofi Jana, and Kweku Flick, among others, in shaping and popularizing the genre. Yaw Tog learned about the new category through his road manager’s Instagram story while relaxing at home, which brought him great joy.

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The inclusion of Ghanaian Drill music in the Grammy Awards signifies a significant milestone in recognizing the talent and innovation emerging from Africa and the global African diaspora. Combining traditional Ghanaian sounds with contemporary hip-hop and trap influences, the genre has captivated audiences worldwide and amassed a dedicated fan base.

Harvey Mason Jr., CEO of the Recording Academy, expressed enthusiasm for these changes, stating that they aim to honor and celebrate creators and recordings in these categories while exposing a broader range of music to fans worldwide. This move presents an opportunity for the world to discover and appreciate Africa’s rich musical heritage, as noted by music pundits.

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Yaw Tog’s claim about his influence on the Grammy’s decision may spark debates and discussions within the music community. Nonetheless, the addition of Ghanaian Drill to the Grammy Awards serves as a testament to the genre’s growing global impact and represents a significant achievement for African music as a whole.

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