What To Do If You Do Not Have The Funds To Invest In Your Careers – Atongo Zimba advises upcoming artistes

Atongo Zimba

Becoming a professional musician is a long and arduous journey. Unlike many other careers, there is no set route to success and no predefined structure to climb. As such, many musicians (at least initially) end up investing a lot of time, and money and may even end up working for free.

There are a lot of musical talents who are struggling to make it or have probably ditched it for other possible means of carving bright futures for themselves and the reason boils down to the fact that they do not have the funds to invest in their craft.

With kind courtesy to this subject matter, Legendary Ghanaian musician Griot Atongo Zimba proffers a piece of his candid advice to such upcoming artists who lack the resources to invest.

According to the ‘No Beer In Heaven’ singer, artistes who are struggling because they lack the funds should start from somewhere with little in their possession. It will sound absurd for them to wait until they have in their possessions huge sums of money before they can start.

He went ahead to opined that they should consider authenticity a core standard in their craft. Irrespective of what genre of music they do, they should fuse their music with a little more of the local or traditional musical elements.

SOURCE: OneMuzikGh.Com



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