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US-Based Ghanaian Artiste Elizha Sets Her Sights on Winning Grammys For Ghana

US-based Ghanaian artiste Elizha, also known as Michelle Elizabeth Okyere, has expressed her determination to bring home Ghana’s first Grammy Award. The rising star, who recently won the Discovery of the Year at the Ghana Music Award USA, aims to become a global music prophetess.

During an interview on TV3’s New Day, Elizha revealed the inspiration behind her stage name. Seeking a biblical connection, she fused her middle name with the influence of the prophet Elisha, ultimately becoming the prophetess of music.

Confident about her future, Elizha stated, “We are aiming at the Grammys, beauty and stuff.” She firmly believes that her talent and hard work will pave the way for her success.

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Currently on a media tour in Ghana, Elizha intends to increase her visibility and gain popularity before returning to the USA in August. She hopes that by the time she leaves Ghana, she will have accomplished something significant and made a lasting impression on her audience.

Elizha’s aspirations reflect the growing ambition within the Ghanaian music industry to achieve global recognition. With her determination, talent, and unique style, she is poised to make a name for herself on the international music stage.

As Elizha continues to pursue her dreams, the Ghanaian music scene eagerly anticipates her future releases and performances. All eyes will be on this promising artiste as she strives to make history and bring the prestigious Grammy Award to Ghana.

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