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Up Records GH and Alaye Geng Music Forge Alliance with Mary Azubam; Ready To Embark on West Zone Radio Tour

The Ghanaian music scene is witnessing a remarkable collaboration between two prominent music labels, Up Records GH. and Alaye Geng Music. The alliance aims to bring together their creative prowess and resources to elevate the careers of talented artists and promote the diverse music culture of Navrongo and beyond. Alongside the gifted Traditional/Gospel musician, Mary Azubam, this dynamic partnership promises exciting projects in the near future. To spread the word and share their vision, the teams are embarking on a West Zone radio tour to reach out to fans and enthusiasts in the region.

The Key Players:
*Apio Collins known as Kilimore.
* Yitah Wilbur wejah known as Bill Gucci
* ISHMEAL MAMUDU known as DJ Kings works with YEM RADIO for now is the official DJ for the Label.
* Zemtio Ferdinand known as 2BK Savage.
* Mary Azubam (Traditional/Gospel musician
The Radio Tour Itinerary:
The tour, titled “The Alliance and Upcoming Projects,” promises an array of exciting radio appearances across the West Zone. The artists and representatives from Up Records GH. and Alaye Geng Music will be making stops at various radio stations to share their collaboration’s objectives and their exciting upcoming projects.
Tour Schedule:
* Radio Nabina – 22/07/2023 at 2:15 PM with Pope One
* Pure Radio with DJ Vulture on ShowBiz Diaries – 22/07/23 at 4:00 PM
* Radio Builsa with DJ Puncha on Showbiz Something Something – 23/07/23 at 1:30 PM
* Nabina Radio with DJ Skalo Gh. on Drive Time – 27/07/23 at 3:00 PM

Kilimore, the lead signee of Up Records Gh

The collaboration between Up Records GH and Alaye Geng Music represents a powerful fusion of talent and creative forces. Bill Gucci and 2BK Savage, along with other artists involved in the project, bring unique styles and experiences to the table, promising a diverse and refreshing musical experience for their audiences.
Mary Azubam, a rising star in the Traditional/Gospel genre, adds depth and soul to the alliance, enriching their collective musical expression.

Mary Azubam

The alliance’s first step is the West Zone radio tour, allowing them to engage directly with their fans and followers while expanding their reach to a broader audience.

Alaye Geng Music

Up Records GH is already managing talented artiste under their wing, the rising singer Kilimore. With their experienced guidance and support, Kilimore is poised to make a significant impact on the music scene.

DJ Kings, official DJ of the Label

The alliance between Up Records GH. and Alaye Geng Music, along with the inclusion of Mary Azubam and the rising star Kilimore, marks a milestone in the Ghanaian music industry. Their West Zone radio tour is an exciting opportunity to showcase their shared vision, talent, and upcoming projects to their dedicated fans and the wider public. As this partnership continues to blossom, we can look forward to witnessing their collective impact on the music landscape, both regionally and beyond.

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