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Shatta Michy Opens Up About Her ‘Nice’ New Relationship After Moving On from Shatta Wale

Artiste cum Entrepreneur, Michy, formerly engaged to popular dancehall singer Shatta Wale, recently revealed in an interview on Okay FM that she is currently in a ‘nice’ relationship with an unknown man. Putting their past behind, Michy described her bond with Shatta Wale as “brotherly” and clarified that her feelings for him are now purely as the father of their child.

During the interview, Michy expressed her contentment with her new relationship, emphasizing that she has moved on from their ‘messy’ past and is now focused on building a fresh connection with her current partner. She stated, “I’m actually in a very nice relationship now,” to the host.

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While their history together may have seen its ups and downs, Michy made it clear that she holds no romantic feelings towards Shatta Wale anymore, but she still cares for him as a co-parent to their child. She acknowledged that certain circumstances led to their separation, but she holds onto a “tiny bit of sweetness” in their relationship.

As the interview garnered attention, fans and followers of both Michy and Shatta Wale have been supportive of her new chapter, understanding that people’s lives evolve, and relationships can change over time. Michy’s honesty about her current feelings and her dedication to co-parenting their child openly touched many hearts.

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With Michy now focusing on her new relationship and entrepreneurial ventures, it’s evident that she’s in a positive space, and her fans are eager to see her shine in this new phase of her life. As she continues to embrace her journey with grace and determination, many are hopeful that she will find happiness and fulfillment in her newfound love.

The interview has sparked conversations online, with netizens applauding Michy for her maturity and transparency in addressing her relationship with Shatta Wale. As her new chapter unfolds, it’s clear that Michy is ready to move forward and embrace the future with optimism and resilience.

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In conclusion, Michy’s recent revelation about her ‘nice’ new relationship marks a significant milestone in her life, signifying growth and change. With her strong spirit and dedication to her child’s father, she is setting an example of amicable co-parenting and embracing new beginnings. As she continues to thrive in her artistic and entrepreneurial endeavors, fans can’t wait to see what exciting adventures lie ahead for Michy in both her personal and professional life.

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