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Sarkodie’s Controversial Single ‘Try Me’ Restored on Apple Music and Spotify

Ghanaian rap artist Sarkodie’s latest single, “Try Me,” has been reinstated on Apple Music and Spotify after being temporarily removed from both platforms. The song, released on June 29, 2023, addresses pregnancy and abortion allegations made by Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson in her memoir, “I Am Not Yvonne Nelson.”

The sudden removal of “Try Me” from the streaming platforms caused speculation and confusion among fans. However, the reasons behind the initial takedown remain unknown.

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In her memoir, Yvonne Nelson reveals the details of her experience with abortion due to Sarkodie’s alleged lack of readiness for fatherhood. In response, Sarkodie uses the song to share his perspective, suggesting that Yvonne was promiscuous and refusing to accept the pregnancy.

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Upon its release, “Try Me” generated mixed reactions from the public. Some felt that Sarkodie should have ignored Yvonne Nelson’s allegations, while others believed that he had the right to express his side of the story.

The restoration of the song on Apple Music and Spotify provides listeners with the opportunity to engage with the controversial track and form their own opinions on the matter.

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Overall, “Try Me” serves as a platform for both Sarkodie and Yvonne Nelson to air their perspectives on a personal and sensitive issue. The restoration of the single ensures that fans can access and evaluate the content for themselves.

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