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Nogokpo Leveraged Bishop Agyin Asare’s Comment to Boost Self-Image and Branding: Abeiku Santana

Renowned media personality and entrepreneur, Abeiku Aggrey Santana, recently praised Archbishop Charles Agyin Asare, the founder of Perez Chapel International, for inadvertently shedding light on the community of Nogokpo. Agyin Asare’s comment during one of his sermons, where he referred to Nogokpo as the “demonic headquarters” of the Volta Region, sparked a controversial reaction.

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In his assessment, Abeiku Santana highlighted that rather than being offended by the remark, the leaders and dwellers of Nogokpo saw an opportunity to improve their self-image and branding. Instead of feeling demeaned, they recognized the potential to redefine their destination’s identity and showcase what they are truly known for.

Abeiku Santana argued that Agyin Asare’s comments acted as a catalyst for the community’s leaders, inspiring them to conduct interviews and hold press conferences to address the issue. These actions not only allowed them to express their perspective on the matter but also put Nogokpo on the map, garnering attention and curiosity from both locals and foreigners alike.

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Drawing parallels to branding and image building efforts in other regions, Abeiku Santana mentioned how tourists often travel to witness festivals in foreign nations, such as the Voodoo festival in Benin. He emphasized that the leaders of Nogokpo wisely seized the moment to market their destination, capitalizing on the media attention generated by the Archbishop’s remarks.

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Ultimately, the unintended consequences of Agyin Asare’s comment paved the way for Nogokpo to embrace its identity, celebrate its uniqueness, and promote its cultural heritage. This turn of events showcased the power of reframing a narrative and transforming a perceived negative into a positive opportunity for growth and recognition. As the community continues to thrive and attract visitors, it serves as a valuable lesson in resilience and the potential for positive outcomes, even in challenging situations.

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