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MzBel Opens Up About Relationship Status: “I am not married”

Ghanaian singer MzBel, who recently welcomed her second child, has finally revealed her relationship status. Despite wearing a noticeable ring on her finger during her pregnancy announcement, the 43-year-old artist clarified that she is not married.

MzBel surprised her fans with baby bump photos shared online and later gave birth a few days ago. On June 25th, 2023, she posted a video from her cesarean section, expressing her gratitude for the arrival of her child, stating, “For to us a child is born, to us @baby_ohemaa1 is given, and the government will be on her shoulders… Forever grateful.”

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During an appearance on the United Showbiz Show over the weekend, MzBel disclosed that although she is engaged, she has not yet tied the knot. She explained that she had undergone traditional marriage rites but opted to keep the ceremony private, away from the public eye.

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“I am engaged, but I am not married,” MzBel revealed, shedding light on her relationship status. “The type of engagement I had was not open to the public. It was private.”

MzBel’s revelation provides clarity regarding her marital status, addressing the curiosity surrounding the ring on her finger during her pregnancy announcement. While she has chosen to keep her engagement private, fans and followers continue to celebrate the joyous arrival of her second child.

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As MzBel embraces motherhood for the second time, her openness about her relationship status reminds us that personal choices can vary and that not all engagements and relationships are meant to be publicly displayed. With her focus on her growing family, fans eagerly await more updates on her journey and upcoming projects in the music industry.

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