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Mr. Drew Laments: I Wouldn’t Have Signed The Contract With Highly Spiritual Music If I Had A Lawyer

Ghanaian musician, Mr. Drew, recently expressed regret over not seeking legal counsel before signing his contract with Kaywa’s record label, Highly Spiritual. In an Instagram live session, he praised Kaywa’s support for his talent but admitted that the lack of legal representation led him to overlook certain unfavorable aspects in the agreement.

Reflecting on his experience, Mr. Drew emphasized that he wouldn’t advise his younger brother to sign a similar contract with Highly Spiritual Music if he were to pursue a music career. His departure from the label has also sparked controversy and backlash.

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The ‘Dw3’ hitmaker’s story serves as a cautionary tale for aspiring musicians, highlighting the importance of legal advice when dealing with record labels. By sharing his journey, Mr. Drew hopes to raise awareness and protect others from making the same mistake he made.

As the entertainment industry in Ghana continues to thrive, it becomes essential for artists to be vigilant and informed when entering contractual agreements, ensuring that their artistic endeavors are nurtured and protected.

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