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Rely less on the Government and Emphasize on individual contribution according to Media personality Gorbachev Awuah

Renowned media personality and CEO of the Visual Display Network, Rems, born Gorbachev Awuah, has sparked a debate by suggesting that the youth should not expect much from the government if they want to avoid disappointment. Mr Gorbachev Awuah made these remarks during a recent podcast discussion on, hosted by Stryka Miracle. The topic of the conversation revolved around the question of whether living abroad or staying in Ghana offered better prospects.

In response to a question about how the government can improve the lives of the youth, Mr Gorbachev Awuah emphasized the importance of individual responsibility and downplayed the role of the government. He advised the youth to let go of their expectations and focus on contributing to the country’s development themselves. Mr. Gorbachev Awuah cited the example of America, where individual innovation and contributions to the nation’s progress have made it stand out globally.

When pressed further on what specific action the government could take to support the youth, Mr. Gorbachev Awuah suggested providing financial assistance to young entrepreneurs to bolster their activities. However, he maintained that the ultimate responsibility lies with individuals to make a difference and not solely with the government.

The remarks made by Mr. Gorbachev Awuah have sparked a significant conversation about the relationship between the government and the youth in Ghana. While some argue that the government should play a more proactive role in supporting young people, Mr. Gorbachev Awuah’s perspective highlights the importance of individual effort and self-reliance.

As Ghana grapples with the question of brain drain and the lure of opportunities abroad, the discussion surrounding whether living abroad or staying in Ghana offers better prospects becomes even more relevant. Mr. Gorbachev Awuah’s viewpoint adds another layer to the conversation, encouraging young people to focus on what they can do for themselves and their country rather than relying solely on government initiatives.

It remains to be seen how these ideas will influence the discourse around youth empowerment and national development in Ghana. However, one thing is clear: the conversation sparked by Rems-born Gorbachev Awuah’s remarks will continue

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