Maccasio Officially Earns The Landlord Title As He Unveils His New Self-contain On Social Media


Ghanaian Tamale_based rapper, known by his stage name Maccasio has unveil one of his executed projects with prestige, which comes in the form of a self-contained luxurious house. It is a dream for millions to own their own houses and this has been achieved by the 69 Boss.

Born Sheriff Abdul Majeed, he took the risked to forgo his educational journey and concentrate fully on music in 2015. This was a great gamble as many veteran musicians from his home region have had nothing to show after so many years pursuing music as a career.

Well, Maccasio has given glory to his maker for being able to show so much achievements from music in less than a decade since his breakthrough. The excited rapper wrote “I intend to inspire people with my story:motivate young people that grew up like myself, or even not like myself. Just, you know, go through the human experience. Never give,many people will tell u you can’t do it,so just be like Nike and just do it! #69fans this is for you!! ❤️👊

#GLORYYEAR” with pictures of his self-contained house on Facebook.




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