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Kelvyn Boy Expresses Desire for Collaboration with Stonebwoy to Dispel Misconceptions

Kelvyn Boy, the talented Ghanaian artist, recently revealed his keenness to collaborate once again with his former record label president, Stonebwoy. In an interview with Guide Radio, Kelvyn Boy shared his reasons for wanting to work with the renowned Dancehall artist.

The admiration Kelvyn Boy holds for Stonebwoy’s work is a major driving force behind his desire for collaboration. He emphasized his wish to sing alongside Stonebwoy once more to reignite the creative synergy they previously shared. Additionally, Kelvyn Boy aims to use the collaboration as an opportunity to dispel any lingering misconceptions about their relationship.

Furthermore, Kelvyn Boy believes that Stonebwoy’s involvement in his music will significantly contribute to its promotion and commercial success. The mere mention of a collaboration between the two artists is likely to generate considerable excitement among fans, leading to a surge in interest and listenership.

Kelvyn Boy’s association with Stonebwoy dates back to his time as a member of the Burniton Music Group, where he released hit songs like “Toffee” and “Na You.” During his tenure, he also featured on Stonebwoy’s chart-topping track, “Kpo k3k3.” Although their professional relationship came to an end, Kelvyn Boy’s desire to collaborate with Stonebwoy demonstrates his appreciation for their past work and the potential for future musical endeavors.

In summary, Kelvyn Boy’s expressed interest in collaborating with Stonebwoy not only showcases his admiration for the renowned artist but also serves as an opportunity to dispel misconceptions while leveraging Stonebwoy’s influence to promote his own music. Fans eagerly await the possibility of witnessing these two talented artists join forces once again, anticipating a collaboration that could surpass their previous successes.

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