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Incredible Zigi Opens Up About His Past: I Was Womanizing at the Start of My Dancing Career

In a candid revelation, renowned Ghanaian dancer Incredible Zigi recently disclosed that he had a penchant for womanizing during the early days of his dancing career. The talented artist shared this personal aspect of his journey during an interview with Amansan Krakye on Property FM in Cape Coast.

While discussing his growth as a dancer, Zigi admitted to indulging in womanizing but clarified that he eventually made a conscious decision to put an end to such behavior. As his career progressed, he recognized the need to focus on building and maintaining a solid brand, which prompted him to steer away from distractions and romantic entanglements.

Zigi’s early success might have brought him attention from admirers, but he realized that in order to attain higher heights in his profession, he needed to prioritize his art and personal growth. With maturity and a clearer vision for his future, he decided to channel his energy and dedication into honing his craft, leaving behind the frivolous pursuits of the past.

He shared, “Not all dancers are womanizers, but when I started dancing, I used to womanize a lot. But now I’ve put a stop to it. I used to date a lot of women earlier in my career, but when you get to a certain stage, you want to keep a solid brand, so such women issues just don’t get your attention anymore.”

Incredible Zigi emphasized that the evolution of his mindset and priorities was essential for his growth as a dancer and as an individual. He acknowledged that certain behaviors, while perhaps acceptable at one point, might hinder personal progress and detract from professional aspirations. With maturity came a sense of responsibility and a dedication to improving his dance skills, making him the accomplished artist he is today.

“It’s not the time to waste time and energy chasing after women. So, as for me, I’ve paused those kinds of behaviors some years back,” Zigi added.

Incredible Zigi’s candid revelation serves as a reminder that personal growth and dedication are crucial elements in any successful career. By sharing his journey and lessons learned, he inspires aspiring dancers and creatives to focus on their passions, avoid distractions, and embrace growth, ultimately leading to success in their chosen paths.

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