I’m Not a Wayward Child – Sypha Cries Out To His Family


Daddy left me when I was just 6months Old.Mummy got sick and couldn’t take all the ill-treatment from the Family side, So She ran away.

I was cared for by a stranger with 10 children till I was 9, there I knew who my real mama was,can you imagine the strength of love God has for me?.

I’ve lived so many lifestyles In so many places so I can survive until I made it here in Wa as my home of origin. My Uncle’s and Auntie’s here Knew nothing of this, what they just see is their cousin looking all nice and cute. They believed I was taking good cared of. Oh yeah they are right because God Did.

They have no idea what I passed through on the streets of Volta and Greater Accra, they see my love for music and street as a wayward lifestyle, but little did they know music was my only realest family until I met them. I became slaves to people just for them to support my education,Some maltreated me.

I’ve not forgotten the one’s that showed me love when I was almost sick to death.

God has always been around for me throughout my battles, I never lose hope nor do I ever get saddened seeing people living happy life with their parents,Hope and Faith got me moving.

Please, I just want my Family to know that I’m not a wayward child. I don’t drink,I don’t smoke and I don’t do any drug.

I’m only chasing a dream God gave me. I’m just working it out in my own way, So when I extend my hands to them for help, They should try and look at me as theirs. God bless them,bless me and bless every hustler. Amen!!

Originally posted 2023-01-04 13:08:23.


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