I Made Ghc50,000 From TikTok Just Five Minutes After Joining – Comedian Waris

Comedian Waris

ByteDance, a Chinese company, owns the short-form video hosting service TikTok and its Chinese counterpart Douyin. Videos submitted by users can be anywhere from three seconds to ten minutes long. Since their send-offs, TikTok and Douyin have acquired worldwide prevalence.

TikTok has become a platform where both the old and the young spend much of their time. Others are profiting from the platform while others are using it for insignificant activities.

Comedian Waris, a well-known comedian from Ghana, has revealed that just five minutes after joining the platform, he earned a staggering Ghc50,000.

In an interview with Zion Felix, he exhorted young people to leverage the platform to their advantage by engaging in acts that would earn them money.


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