Happy Man Bitters CEO Dr. Emmanuel Bortey Borketey Calls For Unity Among Upper East Music Industry’s Stakeholders


Dr. Emmanuel Bortey Borketey, founder and president of Charger Limited, producers of Happy Man Bitters and Plus 1 drinks, has called for unity among Upper East music industry stakeholders.

The celebrated Philanthropist and Business Visionary has called on the stakeholders to come together and push for a common goal with the primary aim of fostering the growth of the Upper East music industry.

In a seven-paragraph post that he posted on his Facebook page, he advised the music industry professionals not to assign blame to one another but rather to collaborate with stakeholders to plan for the industry’s growth.

His post reads “In recent times, the creative industry in the Upper East Region has been a subject of discussion and debate on social media platforms. As someone deeply invested in this industry, I firmly believe that it is time to move beyond mere talk and rhetoric and take concrete action to propel its growth. Instead of dwelling on complaints and criticism, it is essential for stakeholders to come together, strategize, and provide support to foster the development of this young industry.

Conversations on social media can be a valuable starting point, but they must lead to tangible action plans. As stakeholders, we have the power to effect change and drive progress. It is crucial to channel our collective energy and enthusiasm towards constructive initiatives that will benefit the creative industry and its players.

To maximize our impact, it is imperative for stakeholders to unite and present a unified front. By setting aside personal differences and working together, we can create a strong foundation for growth. Collaboration enables us to pool resources, share expertise, and leverage each other’s networks, thereby increasing the chances of success.

To move forward, we need to develop a comprehensive action plan that addresses the specific challenges faced by the creative industry in the Upper East Region. This plan should encompass various aspects, such as infrastructure development, talent nurturing, capacity building, and access to funding and resources. By outlining clear objectives and strategies, we can guide our efforts and measure our progress effectively.

Supporting the creative industry goes beyond financial assistance. We must also provide platforms for exposure, promote local talent, and create opportunities for collaboration and growth. Encouraging mentorship programs, organizing workshops and training sessions, and fostering partnerships with established industry professionals can significantly contribute to the development of the sector.

It is vital to adopt a long-term perspective and focus on sustainable growth. Rather than seeking short-term gains, we should aim to build a solid foundation that ensures the industry’s prosperity for years to come. This involves investing in infrastructure, fostering an environment conducive to creativity and innovation, and nurturing emerging talent.

As stakeholders in the creative industry, we have the power to transform conversations into actions that drive growth and progress. By uniting, developing an action plan, and providing support to the industry and its players, we can create a vibrant ecosystem that nurtures and showcases the region’s creative talents. Let us shift from mere complaints to providing tangible solutions, and together, we can shape a bright future for the creative industry in the Upper East Region.”


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