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GTEC Suspends Payment Of Colleges Of Education Lecturers’ August Salary

Temporary Salary Hold for CETAG Members: A Look at the Ghana Tertiary Education Commission's Directive

In a recent correspondence dated August 21, 2023, the Ghana Tertiary Education Commission (GTEC) addressed a significant development regarding the payment of salaries and allowances to members of the Colleges of Education Teachers Association of Ghana (CETAG) for the month of August 2023. This directive, issued at the request of the Honourable Minister of Education, has garnered attention for its implications on CETAG members and the higher education landscape in Ghana.

Background and Purpose

The directive from GTEC explicitly instructs the Controller & Accountant General (CAGD) not to disburse the monthly salary and allowances for August 2023 to teaching staff across all 46 Colleges of Education that are part of CETAG. This decision, while striking, comes with a specific caveat – any arrears accumulated prior to August 2023 will still be validated and paid.

Reasons for the Directive

The reasons behind this temporary hold on payments are not explicitly detailed in the letter. However, it’s important to consider the broader context of labor disputes and negotiations within the Ghanaian education sector. CETAG, representing teaching staff in Colleges of Education, has engaged in several negotiations with the government over the years, primarily concerning better conditions of service and remuneration.

It’s likely that this directive is linked to ongoing negotiations or discussions between CETAG and the government regarding their demands. Such disputes can involve issues ranging from salary adjustments to improvements in working conditions. While the directive doesn’t delve into these specifics, it does reflect the sensitivity of the situation and the government’s efforts to manage it.

Cooperation and Urgency

The letter from GTEC concludes with a plea for cooperation and urgent action. It’s evident that the commission is keen to resolve this matter swiftly, possibly to minimize disruption in the education sector. The hold on salaries, while temporary, can have practical implications for CETAG members and their financial well-being, which makes cooperation and resolution essential.

Implications and Future Developments

This directive by GTEC is a notable development in the ongoing interactions between educational institutions, labor unions, and government bodies in Ghana. The decision to halt payments for a specific month underscores the complexities and challenges involved in managing the demands and expectations of various stakeholders within the education sector.

As this situation unfolds, it will be essential to monitor the progress of negotiations and the eventual resolution. The impact on CETAG members, colleges of education, and students’ education experience remains of paramount importance, making this directive a topic of interest for all those involved in Ghana’s tertiary education landscape.

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