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Fresh Meddo: Blame the media for the downfall of some Ghanaian artistes

In a recent Instagram live session with his fans, US-based Sierra Leonean Afropop artist Fresh Meddo voiced his concerns about the decline of some Ghanaian musicians’ careers and attributed it to the media’s negative portrayal of these artists. Fresh Meddo emphasized the need for the media and entertainment industry to focus on supporting and promoting up-and-coming artistes in the country to ensure their success.

The artist, who previously made waves with his debut album “The Journey Album,” expressed his desire not to be listed among those whose careers came to a standstill due to bad publicity. According to him, the media’s constant focus on negative news about these musicians has overshadowed their artistic endeavors and hindered their growth in the industry.

Fresh Meddo called for more support from the media, urging them to utilize their prestigious platforms to promote the works of Ghanaian artists. He believes that by shifting the spotlight towards positive achievements and artistic excellence, the media can contribute significantly to the success and longevity of the country’s musicians.

While acknowledging that some artists may have faced challenges due to their personal actions, Fresh Meddo emphasized the importance of highlighting their talent and potential rather than solely focusing on their mistakes or controversies.

Help promote my works through your prestigious platforms, I need support from each and everyone on this live stream.

“Let me add this, we’ve been the cause of our downfall by making negative news surpass the positives in the public domain.

“I don’t want to be listed amongst those whose reign came to a standstill due to bad publicity,” Meddo stated.

As the entertainment industry continues to evolve, it is crucial for media outlets to strike a balance between reporting the news, addressing social issues, and supporting the growth of young talents. By doing so, they can help foster a more positive environment for Ghanaian musicians and ensure that their careers flourish on both local and international stages.

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