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DJ Gizy Calls for Respect towards DJs by Upper East Region Artistes

Esteemed Radio/Event DJ, Musah Abdul Fatawu popularly known by his Moniker as DJ Gizy, has recently emphasized the importance of artists in the Upper East Region showing respect towards DJs. In an exclusive interview on A1 Radio’s Entertainment Zone, DJ Gizy expressed his concerns regarding the behavior of artists when it comes to sharing their music with DJs.

According to DJ Gizy, artists often send their songs to DJs through chat platforms like WhatsApp, but fail to provide them in the appropriate format. Instead of sending the songs as MP3 files, which are easily accessible, artists frequently send audio files or Audiomack links for streaming purposes. DJ Gizy believes this practice is not right and suggests that artists should send their music in the correct format for DJs’ convenience.

Furthermore, DJ Gizy urged artists to treat DJs with respect and consideration. He pointed out that sometimes artists approach DJs for promotions and interviews but fail to offer any compensation or acknowledgment for the services rendered. DJs invest their own resources, such as data downloads and fuel, to support artists, and it is essential for artists to recognize and appreciate these efforts.

“Artistes will send you their songs on WhatsApp and mostly in an audio form and not MP3 which is much easier to access. Some even send you audiomack links to stream from their which to me is not right”

DJ Gizy’s remarks were made during an episode of Entertainment Zone, hosted by Mr. Lexis, with DJ Aluther also present on the panel. The discussion shed light on the relationship between artists and DJs, emphasizing the need for mutual respect and understanding.

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