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Code Micky Addresses Kwadwo Sheldon Banter: I am cool with him but he shouldn’t look down on others

Content creator Code Micky has recently spoken out about the banter on social media between himself and fellow content creator Kwadwo Sheldon. In an interview with Osei Felicia on the show “Adwuma Adwuma” on Onua FM, Code Micky clarified that despite the ongoing drama, he holds no animosity towards Sheldon.

The drama unfolded when a Twitter user named AD-Trey initiated a poll asking netizens to choose their preferred “break-down plug” between Kwadwo Sheldon and Code Micky. Surprisingly, Code Micky garnered a significant 72% of the votes, leading to passionate debates and discussions among fans of both content creators.

During the interview, Code Micky shed light on the nature of his videos, which are intended to alleviate stress. He also mentioned that some initial misconceptions were overcome when people close to him witnessed others enjoying his content.

However, Code Micky expressed his concern about looking down on others and offered insights into his grievances within the social media space. He emphasized the importance of doing thorough research before downplaying someone’s work and stressed that every content creator brings something unique to the table.

Calling for unity and mutual appreciation among content creators, Code Micky advocated for constructive criticism to help everyone grow and improve in their craft. He emphasized that each person plays a vital role in the larger ecosystem, and supporting each other ultimately makes the community more vibrant and successful.

Code Micky’s stance on the Kwadwo Sheldon banter showcases his commitment to promoting a healthy and supportive environment within the content creation sphere. As social media continues to influence modern culture, fostering positive interactions and appreciating the diversity of talents can lead to a more flourishing digital space for everyone involved.

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