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Celebrating Tradition and Triumph: Aduanige’s Mesmerizing Feok Festival Performance at GMB 2023

On the evening of August 13, 2023, the stage came alive with vibrant cultural energy as Rejoice Aduanige, known by her stage name Aduanige, proudly represented the Upper East Region at the 2023 Ghana Most Beautiful pageant. Her captivating performance centered around the Feok Festival, a celebration deeply rooted in the history and triumph of the Builsa people. Aduanige’s poignant delivery resonated with the audience, and she claimed the night’s Best Costume award with her stunning traditional attire.

Aduanige’s performance was a powerful tribute to the Builsa’s rich heritage, vividly recounting the tale of their ancestors’ bravery and resilience against the infamous slave raiders, Babatu and Samori. The Builsa people’s strategic wit and courage, as they outwitted and defeated their aggressors, were beautifully depicted through Aduanige’s storytelling and expressive dance.

The Feok Festival, meaning “abundance of food” in the Buli dialect, is an annual event celebrated within the Builsa Kingdom to honor their gods, ancestors, and spirit beings for safeguarding them through the year and ensuring bountiful harvests. The festival’s significance is rooted in the victory over the Babatu slave raiders during the 18th century, a momentous occasion that united the people and solidified their sense of identity.

Aduanige’s performance paid homage to this tradition by vividly portraying the various aspects of the Feok Festival. The festival’s commencement with the pouring of libations and the invocation of ancestral spirits, the exhibition of local crafts and foods, the symposium, traditional war dances, and the ceremonial display of war regalia all found their place in her mesmerizing act.

The festival’s climax, the durbar, witnessed the convergence of dignitaries, invitees, and the community. Traditional greetings, libations, Christian and Muslim prayers, and touching tributes created a harmonious blend of cultural and spiritual expressions. Aduanige’s performance skillfully depicted the Builsa warriors’ victorious pursuit of Babatu and Samori, a narrative brought to life through dynamic war dances and symbolic props.

As Aduanige’s performance unfolded on the GMB stage, her traditional attire, a testament to the Builsa’s distinctive aesthetics, captivated both judges and audience members. The intricate detailing and vibrant colors of her attire beautifully represented the Builsa’s cultural richness and artistic prowess. Her embodiment of the Builsa heritage and her heartfelt delivery left an indelible mark on the evening, earning her the accolade of Best Costume.

In a world where modernity often overshadows tradition, Aduanige’s performance at GMB 2023 was a heartwarming reminder of the importance of honoring cultural legacies. Her depiction of the Feok Festival not only showcased her artistic talents but also highlighted the resilience and unity of the Builsa people. As the 49th Feok festival celebration approached, her performance served as an invitation to all to join in the celebration of history, triumph, and gratitude in the heart of the Upper East Region.

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