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Burna Boy’s Unveils Tracklist For New Album “I Told Them…”: A Fusion of Cultures and Influence

On August 25, 2023, Burna Boy is set to drop his highly anticipated seventh studio album, “I Told Them…,” featuring a star-studded lineup of collaborators such as 21 Savage, Dave, Seyi Vibez, J. Cole, and Byron Messia. This album, as Burna Boy explained, is a response to critics who doubt his global success, particularly in comparison to American artists. The title itself carries a bold message challenging such perceptions.

Despite the album’s defiant title, “I Told Them…,” it doesn’t shy away from embracing American influences. The lead single, “Sittin’ On Top Of The World,” samples Brandy and Ma$e’s 1998 hit, “Top Of The World,” demonstrating Burna Boy’s ability to blend diverse musical elements into his Afro-fusion signature style. Additionally, the music video for “Big 7” was shot in New York City and featured cameos from hip-hop legends like RZA and Busta Rhymes, further emphasizing the cross-cultural influences at play.

However, “I Told Them…” isn’t limited to American influences alone. The track “Talibans II,” an update of Byron Messia’s “Talibans,” is a testament to Burna Boy’s commitment to blending Caribbean and African musical traditions. This fusion is a reflection of his dedication to pushing boundaries and creating unique sounds.

I Told Them… tracklist:

  1. “I Told Them”
  2. “Normal”
  3. “On Form”
  4. “Sittin’ On Top Of The World” with 21 Savage
  5. “Tested, Approved & Trusted”
  6. “Cheat On Me” feat. Dave
  7. “Virgil”
  8. “Big 7”
  9. “Dey Play”
  10. “City Boys”
  11. “Giza” feat. Seyi Vibez
  12. “Jewels”
  13. “If I’m Lying”
  14. “Thanks” feat. J.Cole
  15. “Talibans II” with Byron Messia

As we eagerly await the album’s release, it’s clear that “I Told Them…” will be a celebration of music’s ability to transcend borders and cultures. With its diverse collaborations and genre-spanning tracks, Burna Boy’s latest offering promises to be a testament to his artistry and his determination to prove his critics wrong. This album is not just a collection of songs; it’s a statement that Burna Boy has indeed told them, and he’s ready to show the world just how high he can climb on the global music stage.

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