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Being a Lookalike is My Full-Time Business: The Story of King Promise’s Doppelgänger

In a recent interview on the Delay Show on TV3, a young man who bears an uncanny resemblance to popular Ghanaian musician King Promise shared his journey from Koforidua to Accra and how he turned his striking resemblance into a thriving business. His story sheds light on the unique world of impersonation and the impact that lookalikes can have on the entertainment industry.

Unable to find a job that aligned with his passion for music, the aspiring artist decided to embrace his resemblance to King Promise and make it his trademark. He even adopted the artist’s iconic bald head as his own, considering it a brand that suits him perfectly. “I took King Promise as my mentor,” he explained. “For now, the bald head has become my brand.”

The decision to pursue a career as a lookalike brought him from Koforidua to Accra, where he has collaborated with other lookalikes to create entertaining videos that resonate with his growing fan base. From filming collaborations with other impersonators to posting engaging content online, his lookalike business has opened doors for him to meet other doppelgängers, including those of Kofi Kinaata, Fameye, and Sarkodie.

The viral video that emerged in May, showcasing the talents of these fake celebrities as they imitated their respective idols, brought attention to the world of lookalikes. While some artists, such as Medikal and Shatta Wale, have expressed their dislike for the trend, King Promise himself has acknowledged the support shown to his brand by these impersonators.

For the King Promise doppelgänger, impersonation has become more than just a hobby; it is his full-time job. With dedication and a commitment to perfecting his craft, he aims to bring joy to his audience and entertain them with his remarkable resemblance to the popular musician.

Although some may question the authenticity of his chosen profession, there is no denying the entertainment value and impact that lookalikes like him bring to the music industry. They provide fans with an opportunity to experience the presence of their favorite artists, even in their absence.

As the lookalike business continues to thrive, it highlights the influence and fascination that fans have with their idols. Whether it’s through a striking resemblance, attention to detail, or the ability to mimic their favorite artists, these impersonators contribute to the vibrancy of the entertainment world, leaving fans entertained and engaged.

In the end, being a lookalike is not just a way to make a living but a testament to the power of music and its ability to inspire individuals to embrace their unique talents and find their place in the industry.

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