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Abdallah Ayidaana Sandow Takes Over As Kundivi Mahama’s Manager

In a surprising turn of events, Abdallah Ayidaana Sandow, the distinguished Events Manager of Jocom Golden Hotel, has assumed the mantle of manager for the acclaimed Ghanaian singer and songwriter, Kundivi Mahama. The transition was unveiled through a momentous Facebook post, heralding a new chapter in Kundivi’s musical journey.

Abdallah’s announcement on Facebook resounded with enthusiasm and promise, as he embraced his newfound role as the guardian of Kundivi Mahama’s creative evolution. The singer, a cherished figure known by the endearing moniker Amadu Abdul Rashid Mahama, hails from the Northern region of Ghana and has garnered a devoted following for his soul-stirring performances and lyrical depth.

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The pivotal moment of change follows Kundivi’s triumphant tour of the Ghanaian capital, Accra, where he unveiled his latest creation, “Tafaamaa.” This evocative track, with its poignant narrative centering around the struggles of a widow providing for her children, has resonated profoundly with listeners. Written in Kundivi’s native “Housa” dialect, the song speaks volumes about the artist’s connection to his roots and his innate ability to touch hearts through his music.

With a duration of 2 minutes and 57 seconds, “Tafaamaa” is an exquisite composition that encapsulates Kundivi Mahama’s artistic brilliance. This melodic lamentation is not only a tribute to the strength of women facing adversity but also a testament to Kundivi’s prowess as a songwriter and performer. The song marks his debut under the banner of Uppers Global Records, signifying a new era of sonic exploration and growth for the gifted musician.

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As Abdallah Ayidaana Sandow assumes the reins of Kundivi Mahama’s managerial endeavors, the future brims with potential and excitement. The synergy between the two promises to usher in a period of innovation, creativity, and growth. With his proven track record in event management and an innate understanding of the intricacies of the music industry, Abdallah is well-poised to guide Kundivi towards even greater heights.

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